Supporting Children, Youth & Families in Edible Landscaping

Hi, Younger people learn much faster and practise for much longer.

Together we can do what I cannot.

I'd like to pass on what I know about edible landscaping through:

-Year 'round outdoor walking tours to learn the plants.  There are over 1000 species of edible plants that grow here!  I guarantee that we can find a lot if we go for a walk outside.
How to:
identify and harvest, 

preserve and...

prepare for eating!

-Winter time edible landscape design using a map, plant and design icons on paper or computers.  It's quite simple to put the right plant in the right place if you know what to consider.  Sun, soil water and air!

-Spring and fall workshops in planting.  I like to sing "When we move our bodies, our minds become free!  Let's bring back the forest for a lifetime at least!"  When the rains are here it's time to get dirty and plant.

-Summer workshops in caring for plants by weeding, watering mulching and fertilizing.  Most plants really like to be cared for during our long hot dry summers.

-Workshops in preparing new planting beds with sheet mulching, tilling or clearing.

F)Songs to inspire the vision of landscaping everything edible.

Check out some of these songs:


Organic Matters.(audio)

The Rose hip Song.(video) full version(audio).

There ain't nothin' better in life.(audio)


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