1 hour group plant walk 10/person

      • Learn the edible uses of native and common ornamental landscape plants.
      • email for the next date and time.
      • You'll learn something new or get your money back!
      • Minimum group size is 6.

Labour 35/hour with truck and tools

      • Minimum 100 per day.

Design Consultation 90.00

example 1:100 scale 2011 orthophoto and transparency

      • One hour recorded walk and talk about your land and how I think you should best move forward. Download questionaire.
      • 1 to 100 scale colour map of your landscape and transparencies   

Design 35.00/hour *(consultation required)

      • example design on 1/3 acrelot (Cost $400)
        1 to 100 scale colour design  
      • materials list 
      • order of operations 
      • 3 revisions 15 min. recorded and available online 

*recordings will be available for 1 week from a link sent to you by e-mail from you may download to keep with your records.

Other sevices *results will be corresponded by email or Canada post.

      • 2017, 2015 or 2013 aerial photo $60/half acre.  Plus 9.95 per additional acre.
        •  printed photographs from aeroplane.  Better resolution than Google earth  1:100 scale, so 1cm on map = 1m on ground.  

      • solar chart 29.95
        • used to plan for hours of daylight and direct sun in a specific location
          example solar chart

      • standard soil fertility test 65.37 from MB labs
        • measures nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and PH  and recommends practices for soil treatment.

      • soil texture test 22.50
        • used for determining percent of sand, silt and clay

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