This is me, some Hazelnuts in my right hand, a Hazelnut seedling in my left hand and a mature Hazelnut tree behind me.  After reading a book titled "How to grow a complete diet on less than 1000 square feet" I got very excited about hazelnuts.
  From seed to seed is the way to go when designing edible landscapes so that the reproduction of the landscape can go on with as little or no work from our part.  Plants that are suited to this climate bear seeds that can survive outside all year long and these are the ones I'm focusing on.
  My training and speciality are in knowing what plants will be successful here and how to design, install and maintain landscapes.  See below for my resume.  Click here for some of the songs that I've recorded 500 Farmers, Organic Matters (grad 2004 song from Horticulture Center of the Pacific), If you wanna be hip.
Jonathan Brian Francoeur, a.k.a. Kernel Hazelnut of The Army of Farmers.

Resume: Jonathan Brian Francoeur (on Facebook)

tel: (250) 642-0267
self-employment/ Everything Edible Landscaping Vancouver Island. March '05 to present
Everything Edible Landscaping is a non profit business in the making that will:

1) Improve soil and watershed conditions by cultivating perennial edible poly-cultures.

2) Establish a food system that can supply us with enough perennial food crops to feed 100% of our population year 'round.
3) Train enough edible landscapers to take care of those landscapes.
self-employment/ LANdpLAN Vancouver Island.  March '05 to present
LANdpLAN is a computer system in the making that designs edible landscapes.
employment/Cowichan Green Community Cowichan Valley. November '10 to March '11
Coordination of the "Edible Winter Wonderlands" project in colaboration with Ceres Edible Landscaping. Worked on building 6 gardens in the James Alexander Neighborhood of Duncan.
1) Caulfield Place: 7 raised beds. for wheel chair access.
2) Warmlands 800 squarefoot Madala garden, compost management and fill for paths and.
3) Sports Plex plated 4 hazels, 12 goose berries, 20 blue berries, mahonia, 2 apples, 2 pears and guilds.
4) Private: 300 sq' sheet mulch, 4 raised beds, 6 berrie bushes and 3 trees.
5) M'kola housing hazelnut prunning of 16 mature trees and fertilisation.
6) Alexander School 3000 sq' sheet mulch and planting of 5 fruit trees and 30 shrubs/canes/vines.

work/trade/ Peace of Paradise Cowichan Valley. September 13 '10 to April 13 '11
380 square meters under vegetabl cultivation. Built raised beds, weeding, mulching, initiation of compost tea production and humanure composting, planted 5 Hazels, 2 Chestnuts, 2 Walnuts, transplanted raspberries, fencing, feeding system for chickens etc... permaculture innovations.
work/trade/ WWOOFing 5 hosts in the Cowichan Valley. June '10 to September '10
Within the 30 hours per week commited to work for my hosts cared for and harvested annuals, perrennials, chickens, sheep, turkeys, installed a pond linner, repair/upgrade animal shelters and fences. I used spare time to write a Business Overview, Sales & Marketing, Operating, Human Resources, Action Plan and Executive Summary for a business in Edible Landscaping.
education/ Gai College Bi-weekly at OUR ecovillage June '10-until July 28 '10
Organic Master Gardener program.
volunteer/ OUR eco village community association 20hrs/week Oct-March-'10
employment/ OUR eco village community association 40hrs/week April-May-'10
0.8 acres in raised beds under cultivation for vegetables. Care of newly planted perrenials on 25 acre propery. Volunteer co-ordination.
employment/ OUR eco vilage JCP 20 hours/week Oct-April '10
Worked with team of 8 in edible landscaping. Created scale maps and planted over 100 perrennials), drystack stone wall 1.3m tall and 25m long, labyrinth, pond re-cealing with bentonite clay, grey water filtration system for communal kitchen used by 20 full time residents, 180 meters of deer fencing, 300 square meters of terraces for berries.

work trade/ Farm sitting Black Berry Spring Farm February '09 to Oct '09
165 square meters initially were expanded to 470 square meters of vegetable production including a 180 square meter green house. Cared for 12 goats, 60 chickens, 2 cows and 10 ducks on the 2.5 acre property.
volunteer/ Glendale Gardens (fomerly called The Horticultural Center of the Pacific) February '09 to Oct '09
Weekly management of mandala shaped herb garden with over 150 different medicinal culinary and useful herbs.
education/ Linnaea Farm Feb-Oct '08
Ecological Gardening Program.
2.5 acres of vegetable production and 12 acres of cattle pasture for 35 Weekly CSA boxes and weekend markets. Comunal living (10 students). Weekly theory classes with assigned readings (4 hours), independent garden plots (6 hours) , Permaculture design class (8 hours), and herbology, food preservation, blacksmithing and other farm related skills (4 hours). We had cows, sheep, pigs, horses and chickens on the farm. On weekends I sold home made Essene bread and worked for a private client in her food garden.
volunteer/ Lifecycles Sept 2006-Aug '07
Growing Schools program. Agricultural lessons with children in elementary schools.
employment/ Madrona Farms Full-time May-Sept '07
25 acress under cultivation for vegetables. Hoed, hand-weeded and transplanted, and harvested on 10 acres. Sold at stand.
apprenticeship/ Soil (Stewards Of Irreplaceable Land) Apprenticeship Jan-Sept '07
Deiter Eizenhower Farms- Harvested and sold salad mix with other vegetables on a weekly basis.
volunteer/ Greater Victoria Compost Education Center Jan '06-Sept '07
Taught about composting with the Outreach table which we set up at community events.
Assisted teaching children about composting in indoor and outdoor settings.
volunteer/ Greater Victoria Compost Education Center Feb '06
3 day intensive Compost Educator's Program. Taught and gave the ability to instruct various methods of composting; including: Hot-heat composts, worm bins, trenching, 3 bin system and house-hold composting.
education/ Horticultural Center of the Pacific Feb-Oct '06
Landscape Horticulture Certificate Program (10 months full time)
employment/ Chabot Landscape & Tree services May-Oct '05
Installed, maintained and cleaned up residential and commercial landscapes. Pruned, removed and planted trees and shrubs.
apprenticeship/ Hegnstrup Organic Farm (Denmark) Aug-Oct '04
Worked with harvest of fall vegetables, pigs, cows and chickens
John Milne (Edible Winter Wonderlands Project Manager) john@cowichangreencommunity.orgJason and Cristy at Peace of Paradise Farm. 250 737 1800
David Chambers at Madrona Farm. 250 477 3093
Andre Chabot at Chabot Landscape & Tree services  250 812 3044
2010 Wwoof hosts: Lynn at Mossybanks Farm. 250 597 7300,
Ita at Glenora Farm. 250 715 1559,
Karla at Herb Wise Farm. 250 656 1058,
Kari and Massimo at Lila Music farm. 250 701 0978,
Phyllis and Rudy at White Gaste Farm. 250 743 5358 or 732 6543


  1. Jonathan, thankyou for reminding me to rotate my brassica's so that I wouldn't get 'clubfoot' root disease.
    You caught me.....right where my brussels were growing last year - without thinking this year I put my kale - and it was growing strangely. I was problem solving ..testing the soil...couldn't figure out what was wrong. You looked at the kale and asked me if I was rotating my brassica's. Sure enough when I looked - the roots are all gnarly and too thick ! Good trouble-shooting, much thanks.

  2. Thanks for the great testimonial! I believe that club root will stay for 5 years in the soil. I've grown a good crop of brassicas in soil that was eleged to have club root after double digging. This may or may not be possible to reproduce. I was told by the Grandfather of Mitchels farm that allowing the brassicas to go to seed and their hundreds of seedlings to sprout gets rid of the club root. This would make sense considering they had a "perpetual" kale garden at Linnaea farm. So perhaps rotation is not important if you allow the plants to practice their own genetic selection. Happy growing :)

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  4. Hi, if you're ever looking for a great source for fruit plants, check our Small Fruits at . Plants are shipped via UPS during the spring-fall. There are lots of varieties to choose from including blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, honeyberries, and others. They are all healthy (virus free), hardy, and large size. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for sharing this! I love what you have done. I want to turn my garden into the main feature of my backyard. Hopefully I can do this without too much landscaping.

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